Monday, August 20, 2012

We're Going On A Mission

We have planned on serving a mission for a long time and things have come together to make it a reality. We filled out all the required papers, got the physical exams and had interviews with our Bishop and Stake President
We were recruited by a friend and business acquaintance, Stephen Mecham, who is the President of the Micronesia Guam Mission, so we weren't surprised when the call came to serve there.  Or perhaps we could say we recruited him.
We received our call on Friday, June 29th.We will be serving for 18 months, working primarily in the Mission Office taking care of finances, vehicles, housing, travel, records and correspondence.
We have a lot to do to get ready such as immunizations, photos, shopping for clothing and supplies and getting the house and farm closed up.
We are really excited for this opportunity to serve our Heavenly Father and the people of Micronesia.Our responsibilities in the Mission Office will be our primary focus, and we look forward to doing all we can to make the work run smoothly for the President, his staff and all the missionaries.We also hope we have the opportunity to work in a local ward and get to know the people on a personal level.
Of course before leaving we had to have a few family gatherings.  the hard part was it seemed like we had to say goodbye every time we saw them.

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  1. I LOVE THIS ~ keep up the blog work and update often. I love the photos and the written word and I love the two of you.


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